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Place your ad online using the form below. After you complete all the required fields click the submit button. Then, you will be redirected to a preview of your ad wording. You must click submit again to approve ad. Or, you can fax this form to The Sheboygan Sun at (920) 803-9946. We will contact you upon receipt of this form to confirm order and obtain billing info. Items marked with a star are required.

Price Calculations

The price of your ad is calculated by the number of words in your ad. Each word counts as one word regardless of the length of the word. Punctuation does not count as a word. Ads which contain up to 20 words cost $9.95 per week. Each additional word is 10 cents extra. Place an ad for multiple weeks and receive a discounted price!


All classified ads must be received by Monday at 12 noon in order to be published in Thursday's issue.

Ad Formatting

Please do not type special characters such as asterisks, parenthesis, quotation marks, etc. in your ad. For your phone number, please type in all 10 digits without any special characters, i.e., 9201234567. Our staff will reformat your phone number for the Sheboygan Sun issue.

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