Sheboygan Sun Newspaper


Our rates are listed in the below charts. Both Display and Classified Ads are outlined. The Sheboygan Sun staff would be happy to help explain the information below and help you with your ad. Please contact us at (920) 803-9945 for assistance.

Display Advertising Rates*
Column Inches 13x 26x 52x
* Price per column inch. All rates are net.


Display Advertising Color Rates
Up to One Page
Full Color

Help Wanted Advertising Rates
All the time, no minimum

Classified Advertising Deadlines

Monday at 12 noon for the following Thursday's issue. Remember, a deadline is the LAST POSSIBLE time to do something. Having your ads ready earlier helps us do a better job for you! Please note, during the holiday weeks, in most instances, deadlines will be advanced one full work day.

Classified Advertising Rates
20 words or less
Ads run for additional weeks are given an added discount.
25% on second week
33% on third week
50% on fourth week
ads with more than 20 words have an added 10¢/word charge.
For more info on classified rates please contact us.
Mechanical Information
Page Size: 96"- 6 columns (9.75" x 16" or 58p6 x 96p)
Column Widths:
1 Column
8 picas 11 pt.
2 Column
18 picas 10 pt.
3 Column
28 picas 8 pt.
4 Column
38 picas 7 pt.
5 Column
48 picas 7pt.
6 Column
58 picas 6 pt.